Hair Hydration Myths You Need To Avoid!

Your hair is your crowning glory, and keeping it healthy and hydrated is essential to maintain its shine and vitality. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about hair hydration that can do more harm than good. In this article, we'll debunk some of the most common hair hydration myths and provide you with practical tips on how to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

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Myth 1: Brushing your hair frequently will keep it hydrated.

Many people believe that brushing your hair frequently can distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair, keeping it hydrated. However, over-brushing can actually damage your hair and make it more prone to breakage. Instead of brushing your hair several times a day, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair gently. If you need to style your hair, use a heat protectant spray to prevent heat damage.

Myth 2: You can hydrate your hair by drinking lots of water.

While staying hydrated is crucial for overall health, drinking water doesn't necessarily translate to hydrated hair. The moisture from water doesn't penetrate the hair shaft, so drinking water won't directly hydrate your hair. However, staying hydrated can help your body produce natural oils that nourish your scalp and hair. So, it's essential to stay hydrated to keep your hair healthy, but it's not a direct solution to hydrate your hair.

Myth 3: Applying oil to your hair is the best way to hydrate it.

Applying oil to your hair can make it look shiny and moisturized, but it won't necessarily hydrate it. Oils only coat the hair strands, and they don't penetrate the hair shaft to provide long-lasting hydration. Moreover, using too much oil can make your hair look greasy and attract dirt and dust, leading to more damage. Instead of relying solely on oils, look for hydrating shampoos and conditioners that can penetrate the hair shaft and provide long-lasting hydration.

Myth 4: You should wash your hair every day to keep it hydrated.

Washing your hair every day can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry and brittle. Moreover, overwashing can lead to a dry scalp, leading to dandruff and other scalp issues. Instead of washing your hair every day, limit your hair wash to two or three times a week, depending on your hair type. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that can cleanse your hair without stripping its natural oils. Try our Bliss Out Shampoo for a hydrating and repairing option! 

Myth 5: You can't hydrate damaged hair.

While damaged hair is more challenging to hydrate, it's not impossible. If your hair is damaged due to heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental factors, it needs extra care and attention to restore its hydration. Look for hair masks and treatments that are specifically formulated for damaged hair. These products contain ingredients that can repair and strengthen your hair, making it more resilient to damage.

Keeping your hair hydrated is essential for maintaining its health and vitality. However, it's important to separate hair hydration myths from facts to avoid doing more harm than good. Instead of relying on quick fixes, invest in hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments that can nourish and moisturise your hair from the inside out. 

And don't forget to stay hydrated and take care of your overall health, as it can affect the health of your hair as well.


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